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Travel Blog

To have a pleasurable look of the World with all your pleasures intact with added enjoyment of pink slips, this is what a dream exactly is!!! For almost every individual who love to travel right?

A profession which considers single minded creative individual who can play with words and narrate his or her travel experiences in simple, interesting and interactive way is the only requirement for the above disclosed dream job. A profession which is somewhere similar like any other profession, because it takes all the same ingredients like hard work, frustration, mistakes as well as learning to be successful and attain helpful experiences.

And that’s what exactlyTravel Blogging is and professionals in this profession are well reckoned as professional Travel Bloggers, and keeping in mind the current scenarios this is somewhere the best approach towards bright career.

Yes you are right it’s interesting all because a traveller is somewhere a narrator who usually take some time out to explore the world’s best nook and corner and narrates the experiences with his friends and family members and somewhere we all are intend to be rich, healthy and independent personnel so the profession fulfills the demands easily with bonus of amazing required excitement and enjoyment in life.

Today with all our pleasures we would like to share some of the best and evergreen observations and researches based on what travel blogging is all about, and with the help of the information’s and experiences shared below you would learn How to turn out your travel blog into a money making business. So here we go!!! Friend please check the first thought in your mind:

Travel Blogger!!! What it is?
It’s really sad to experience that English Dictionaries around the global libraries were not enough capable to suggest travellers about the exact meaning of being a Travel Blogger they just had a little acquaint description about such a giant and interesting career approach.

Though we are not little capable like dictionaries so, would love to add our own efforts to break it down into its constituent parts and describe it as, “Individuals or group of travellers who owe a “Blog”, or online journal to describe their travel experiences in interesting and interactive way are known as Travel Bloggers”, The profession is completely dedicated to share the stories of your travelling experiences which would help first timers in all the possible ways to experience and explore all the nook and corners they are willing to visit. Simple!!!

Ones you will get into this profession you will definitely explore numerous ways to generate money with added varying opinions to what a blogger exactly is, and while being a travel blogger please don’t even think that you will be linked in relation with profession like journalism which is nothing but an approach to the paradigm, all because travel blogging is all about the way you write and share your personal travelling tales and stories with added glimpse of best as well as worst experiences.

In simple words, if you owe a website which is being regularly updated by you with articles comprising narrative stories about traveling experiences, then your website would be considered as a travel blog. However, if your blog has been solely developed for your reserved expenses then you are the only individual, who is defining all the standards of conduct and ethical behavior, then your blog updates would be considered as professional travel blogging.

While considering the basics we would like to draw your attention towards some interesting semantics but before that for sure we would be arguing the difference between a traveller and a tourist who usually plans his/her travel destination. Well that would be somewhere a waste of time why to waste time juggling without roots let’s learn some important points check this one out:

Some Tips and Tricks for Beginners which would help you to enjoy and stay holding the same profession, you just have to“Find your Passion”
If you are really interested to do something interesting which will take a halt of minimum a year or two to generate some tremendous returns then you really deserve something interesting to enjoy, lets say learn and earn.

Well here I would like to be true by telling you that majority of blogs on Internet don’t survive for long period of time, or let’s say they come and go, or you would be amazed to know that average durability of a blog on the internet is something silly like a week, and just one post that’s it.

There’s a reason for this weird situation and that is all because the of the individual who owe a blog but are not interested to provide the most important stuff known as time as well as the write ups about their passion. Before creating bullet points of reasons in your mind, we would like to tell you that if an individual is really passionate about something he/she would take out time to do it in the best possible way, busy schedules are just reason to run away from the situation, the thing is to manage your time to come across the content you want to create, it should be interesting and according to your potential targeted visitors or the audience you are presenting in front of.

Travel blogging is a profession which basically includes a complete range of niches, from food, to luxury, to adventure, to family and the most important budget and much more. If you are a Phototoxic then that is an added star to your blog all because a description with the help of snap helps the blog visitor to grab the important details more interestingly, for exactly what they pay their important visit on your link, characteristics like self-management, regular feeling of “No one cares”, with added ingredient of hard work for the sake of recognition award are important one to be carried by a travel blogger.

A travel blogger should beware while starting his/her career as a blogger its quite tough all because of the competitive environment we know that very well, but a blogger should know that “Overnight Success” is a big “NO” being in this profession they should be dedicated towards the positive usage of his/her valuable time.

Mantra 1: Write regularly, and well

Write regularly
In general to be in the world of blogging an yet to be “Blogger” should comprise that essence of grammatical basics, which is one of the most important tip to be considered if you really want to experience and achieve that feel of “Trusted Expert” of your subject you are passionate about, you should have and added capability to catch any kind of glaring errors in your blog post, to stay away from the experiences of “embarrassment” publicly.

It’s really important for a blogger to write on the regular basis, or at least consistently on the topic you are interested in. If you are in search for any hard and fast rule to “how to post content frequently on your blog” or the most important, “How long your post should be there on your link” you really have to come up with the ideas which will work all because suggested ideas by well-known bloggers are just waste of time and can only be considered on short-term basis. Though if you find any idea which works the way you want it’s ok, but the bottom line to be focused in due course of time to be a trusted and well-reckoned travel blogger would be your “Consistency” again until and unless there are some natural exceptions to that particular rule produced by you.

Mantra 2: High quality content with a touch of uniqueness

High quality content
Travel blogger don’t have to follow the rules specifically made by their seniors but the same rule followed by any other niche’s blogger, being a blogger you should learn this phrase “Content is the king”, and to be successful and recognized blogger this phrase is the only hard and fast rule. High Quality contentis the only way you can elevate your blog and convert it into a money making investment, with the help of quality content you can easily build your repo as an expert of your niche you are passionate about and for that you just have to acquire the capability of generating quality posts for your blog.

Whenever you decide to be one of the best travel blogger, you can read some of the best and helpful advices for deep knowledge on how to build audience for your blog you will definitely hear about the term frequently used in the world of blogging the “Search Engine Optimization” also known as SEO, this will help you out to generate traffic on your blog and “Social Media” will help you out to promote your quality posts published by you on your blog.

This is a universal truth by the way thatany career opportunity has a foundation in order to be successful and when it comes to blogging for sure that is “Quality of the Content being published specifically by you”, frequent posts published on your blog to any network should be cross checked as many times as possible.

A professional blogger should always consider just not publishing anything up to their blog for the sack of encountering the target they have set in their mind or for some sort of schedules they’ve recently invented for themselves. They should just remember that whatever they are doing being a blogger they should always give their best with added glimpse of unique performance in any case.

A travel blogger or a simple blogger can easily deserve the best audience approach by just publishing unique, self-generated and quality supportive content, because by doing this they can automatically experience their target audience finding their blog easily and as the visitor numerals start maturing they can just start cultivating their share in a due course of time in this profession.

No-one will visit your link again if a single visitor finds a single mistake or pre-read or poor content published by you on the blog. From your clicks, till your writing skills as well as video’s if you include single common post you will stand nowhere, just to harvest the best you have to sow the best.

Mantra 3: Try to define your Goals

There are countless approaches made and are being still made to keep yourself on target always, but to convert your blog from hobby to a business which can make you rich, you should always consider one of the greatest ways which is to set your goals which can easily be tracked by you. Always remember that the only person you should always compete with is you and setting your own goals would ensure and help you to know your rising stats being in this profession.

Your goals would definitely vary as per your focus, but here’s an advice to consider to set your goals, just be well managed according to you visitors traffic, social media statistics, publications, incomes and the list goes on as your achievements.

Figure out your goals which can be easily achieved remember “Slow and Steady wins the Race” and in the context of specifications you have to set the goals which can easily be measured, achieved, considering only time based, realistic to experience the best results, and to watch this out you have to keep a track of your stats on monthly, weekly and daily basis to be sure that are you on the same track which you chose for yourself?Andthen review accordingly with the help of positive and negative remarks.

Mantra 4: Establish yourself by being expert of your niche

Establish yourself
If you have opted anspecific area of expertise like “Travelling” or something else you are more than successful at the point you decide to be a blogger keep that in your mind, you should always maintain your focus on your blog by keeping a track of the stats considering each and every post published by you on the blog.

Work just keeping in mind that your over time results from visiting till the experiences which you grab from that particular place would help someone who is willing to go to the place you have just been to, so decide before you design the frame of your story, be sure that you should have all the capabilities of traveller and a blogger to be in this profession and achieve that desired position which has tremendous influence in your life as well as in your mind.

Mantra 5:“Weakness” not mine but especially yours figure them out

It’s a truth for the sack of god that no one is perfect in this whole world, no one is great in each andeverything he/she really wants to do, so you may be a whizz at social media and writing, but you aren’t aware about the web designing and time management. Just try to figure out your strengths and weakness in bullet points and work accordingly. The best would be to hire for the stuffs you aren’t good at, search for freelancers or part time individuals who are capable and are ready to fulfill all your needs as per your requirements.

Mantra 6: Choose the best Social Media Platform to get recognition being a blogger

Social Media Platform
The list of social media sites will never end, ones you are into it you will explore several types of sites available to socialize yourself ineasy way, because a new social media site is owned on daily basis. Somewhere social media is becoming atrap because it percentage of individuals fall into it being open minded to experience the pace and glamour oriented platform which is served in the best possible way with illusion oriented options. Today in the world of blogging these sites are considered by bloggers to specially generate traffic for the blog they owe.

Somewhere it might be possible, but when it comes to opinions and suggestions each and every social media platform should always be experienced as a place to reach the target audience, rather as a funnel to generate traffic. Being a blogger you should always keep yourself aware with a thought that a funnel is only of value if you have something to be sold, and to be sold are your blog posts nothing more neither less than that, To experience Increase in Traffic numerals without any reason is considered as just a meager show off strategy which can be easily tracked any time and would result un-expected negative shots of results.

After some research and considering genuine expert views we are providing you the list of social media networks which should be considered to socialize as well as spread yourself with the help of your posts published on your blog. Try to analyze the best one for your blog. Check the list and pick at least three of them to promote your link.
1. Facebook – It is a widely used Social Media Networking Site which can help you to promote your blog link and achieve your potential and target blog visitors.
2. Instagram -New in the context of Social Media, which isbest used to promote photographs,Travellers can easily post the photographs of the places visited by them and tag their link to it for the blog promotion.
3. YouTube – If you know how to produce and direct a video, then this is the best Link to be considered for the promotion of your capability as a videographer as well as a blogger Too.
4. Twitter – This is also a social media site, which is basically used for brand promotion, if you have numerals of followers, you can just copy and paste the link in your profile and tweet it and then experience the show.
5. Google+ – It is copied concept of Social media, but is specifically effective for bloggers, it helps us to promote our blog in the same way like other social media do.
6. Reedit – The Sole purpose of Reedit is to promote your post link you will get a push for the link you are not getting traffic on easily with the usage of this medium.
7. LinkedIn – You must be having a LinkedIn profile, if not then just make one all because if you really want to promote your blog as a brand then LinkedIn is one of the best medium for the promotion.
8. Tumbler – Tumbler is best used for blog promotion which will help you to develop your complete blog and achieve potential readers for the link you owe.
Choose any three of them, ones you are done with the three, try the next, to stay away from any chaos related to the promotion just strategize the usage of social media.

Mantra 7: Get noticed your Blog, How? Just check out the tricks provided below

Now when you know all-important tips and tricks to try your hand in this profession it’s time to update you with some tips on how to get noticed your blog?

First of all we would love to Welcome you to the world of blogging, now from here you have to analyze your worth, how much time you can spend to push your content into the cosmos, and how much patience you have to see the world ignoring you, and while doing the same how much time you can spend on you tube to watch funny videos?

Yeah this is what you have to do and be good at it just have a look of some remedies for the above yet to be faced helpful issues.

SEO one of the most important part of the

As we have mentioned above that the foremost important part to be successful in this profession for a long time is your interest and capability to generate unique, interesting and high quality content, you can easily develop respectable numerals of visitors for your blog in due course of time with the help of your content, ones you will serve them with your informative content in interesting way, you will experience the work is being done by you, all because if they ill like your content they will share it with the help of their social media profiles. Remember “Content is the King”.

However there are some simple but important techniques which you can use to ensure that your post is being visited and indexed by search engines, basically the complete meaning to opt these tips and tricks is actually to let people find your content on search engines like Google, Yahoo and many others by just typing the key word.

Do ensure that SEO is a complicated monster, and for new comers it’s a myth, all because there are several misinformation’s’ out there to confuse you because the way search engines actually work has not been disclosed yet.

After generating and publishing your relevant and easy to read posts on your blog, you just have to ensure that your blog link has been registered, you can check that with the help ofGoogle Webmaster Tools, these tools will help you to get feedback for the areas you have to improve, and added information about the track of your stats can be analyzed with the help ofGoogle Analytics.

To learn more about important tips and tricks related toSEO you can also prefer official Google Webmaster Blogs, and the Moz Blog, these to links would help you out with all the required useful information related to blogging.

Here are some best ways to make money out of your Travel Blog Please have a look
“To be Rich” is a desire carried by majority of individuals on earth, and to fulfill this desire they live their whole life negotiating their not so important but to be considered desires, being rich is not a satisfactory end, the satisfactory end is to do something what exactly you love to do and you are good at it, and if you are expert in sharing your travelling experiences with the help of your travel blog then this is the right place where you can be rich within due course of time.

Now when you are aware about the profession, the time has come when we should disclose the foremost important part of the post that is “How can you make money with the help of your travel Blog?”Please check the following bullet points suggested below.
• AdSense – After lots of research and considering expert reviews we have analyzed that whenever it comes to make money with the help of your blog Google’s AdSense is one of the tip considered on the top. AdSense is one of the Quickest and the easiest way to earn money, Bloggers of all niche usually display the ads recommended by Google, which are usually related to their relevant content. It is a Contextual advertising program with the help of which publishers simply add some piece of codes to their blog which are approved by Google AdSense, these Codes ones added to your blog helps Google to examine your blog and after examining it the team posts add related to the relevant post on your link.
• Affiliate Programs – You can opt some of the best and well known affiliate programs such as Linkshare, Amazon, Commission Junction, and ClickBank there are thousands of affiliate programs available but these are specific and effective as well as recommended by experienced bloggers and experts.
• Freelancing, write for others and get paid for it – If you have that capability to generate genuine contents for other niches, you can write for others who are not good at it, if you can provide them quality content as per their requirements you can easily earn your living expenses till you get stable with the help of your blog.
• Sponsored Posts –Being travel blogger ones you Achieve respectable amount of visitors on your link, you will get opportunities to publish contents on your blog via travel agencies, hotels and restaurants for their promotion, from which you will get paid.

Please Check the Dos and Don’ts for Travel Blogging
The above mentioned tips and tricks were all related to blogging, and these are common all in all for the travel blogging too, just help yourself by reading these do’s and don’ts for travel blogging:

Don’t judge yourself by the success of others
In the world of blogging you can easily find yourself in a trap because it has been experience that majority of bloggers after doing lots and lots of hard work for their blogs they feel unconscious and this unconsciousness results depression and this depression results in lack of persuasiveness and persuasiveness results a trap of failure. Please do remember that if you want stay away from any kind of chaos you just don’t have to waste your fair amount of time by comparing your own self with others just try to compete with yourself by setting up your goals.

“The one an all individual you should be judging your success against is you”
Don’t even think of letting these things get you down
Majority of times it may be possible that you feel left out because the world of blogging is still scattering and you may think that you have more relevant posts than the one on the top, yes for sure you are the one who deserves that rank but time, be patient and do whatever it takes and one day you will be there on the same place success comes by walking step by step just do what is being told and imagine that success you will never fall apart.
Instead of figuring out the less deserving blogs and comparing them with yours you just can learn the tips and tricks they are using to stay on the top. Apply those on your stuff and analyze the stats.

Be Professional
Just watch for your commitments, all because being a travel blogger, or content creator it is the foremost important role to be played, just do what you commit, judge out the stuffs you really don’t feel like doing it “Right or Wrong” judge it by yourself, don’t do it if your conscious doesn’t allows you to.

Never ever abuse the trust of your readers
Being a travel blogger, you are nothing if you don’t have audience or target readers for your blog – like for us you are the one at the minute, keep yourself at the place and judge out the way we are helping you out, and do the same for yourself even in better possible way.

If you have really enjoyed this helpful post, just help us out with your comments, which would assist us in a better way for the next upcoming blog for the post, thanks a lot for giving your valuable time, stay tuned for more updates.


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