The World’s most beautiful shards of Architecture: Railway Stations

Worlds most beautiful shards of Architecture

Travelling around the globe was never easy those days, Railway stations and trains which have easy access today were not in the context, people didn’t even think to come out of their home sweet home, where are those days? Imagine your life without trains? For sure you would never even want to think about this.

Art and technology hand in hand have permitted us to enjoy our life, people today our chillaxing, they don’t worry when they have to cover a long distance to reach their destination, they just have to visit the nearby station clear their travelling cards and check into the train allotted for that particular destination.

And before enjoying the journey it often happens that you admire the stations from where the train departs, yes they are the part of attraction and have all the right to be admired, so with the help of this post we hereby have arranged the list of some of the world’s most beautiful, best and amazing shards of architecture keeping Railway stations in the context this time, please have a look.

Antwerpen-Central Railway station, Based in Belgium

Antwerpen is reckoned as one of the most beautiful structure of central railway station representing Architectural art of Belgium.It is situated in Antwrep, which is the capital of Antwerp province of Belgium. The station is one of the best examples of historical architecture and practices which were picked to construct buildings by our Ancestors.

The construction of this station was started in 1895 and was completed in 1905. Antwerpen central railway station was designed by Louis Delacenserie. Stone Clad terminus buildings with substantial massive dome above the waiting room hall of the station is one of the eye catching view of the station, which has all the capability to grab instant attention of the travellers and visitors. The station also comprises of huge 185 meters long and 44 meters tall iron and glass shed for the boarding trains, which was designed by Clement Van Bogaert.

The station comprises of 14 giant Railway Platforms for high speed trains with 4 levels of boarding, It was inaugurated on 11th August 1905, for regular Travellers, it is owned and maintained by National Railway Company of Belgium. Antwerpen Central Railway station has been awarded as the first most beautiful railway stations in the world by American Magazine “Mashable”.

St Pancras Railway Station, Based in London

St Pancras Railway Station Based in London
St Pancras Station was miss spelled as St Pancreas for fun in its Golden Days, but now it is one of the most beautiful International Railway Stations known as St Pancras International since 2007. The St Pancras Railway station is reckoned as Central Railway Terminus in London, which is located at St Pancras area of Euston Road. The Architectural structure of this Railway station is one of the best examples of Victorian Architecture, which was inaugurated on 1st October 1868 by Midland Railway. The Station comprises one of the largest single roof span in the world, which was arched as Barlow Train Shed from the day of inauguration.

The station is frequently termed as the “Cathedral of the Railways” which includes two of the most eminent structures built in Victorian Era. William Henry Barlow and George Gilbert Scott are the names which are well known for the architectural design of the station, they are also known as architect of Victorian Gothic Architectural Era.

St Pancras Railway station basically comprises four platform assemblies grouped in two levels, A & B comprising fifteen well-furnished Railway platforms for high-speed trains. Wrought Iron framework of lattice design, middle half-timber covered with glass and timber covering the inside part and slate covering the outer Quarters of the station were the material used to build the station.

The Railway station has experienced people boarding for the steam engine trains and now is still experiencing people boarding for high-speed electric engine train. It is owned by London and Continental Railways and managed by Network Rail for High speed trains and Eurostar for Thames link Platforms.

GCT (Grand Central Terminal), USA

grand central terminal usa
GCT, USA is meticulously described as “The world’s loveliest station” all because of the monumental spaces crafted and featured keeping tourist and visitors in mind, its officially certified name is Grand Central Terminal since 1913, and as the station has been more idiomatic and loving it is being widely known as Grand Central station. As per its name the grand central is basically grand because of its inspiring 44 high-level platforms comprising of 43 in lane platforms, 1 side platform and 6 Spanish solution tracks with 67 high speed train tracks.

The Grand Central Terminal was inaugurated in 1871 for normal passenger boarding and was first restructured in 1913, and next in 1994 following and considering the gap of six years it was again renovated in 2000. The Terminal is owned by Midtown TDR a venture on lease by New York North Central Railroad.

Being Central station of the country it comprises of all the required leisure to fulfill all type of visitors and tourist needs, Restaurants from five star to normal, fast food outlets surrounding luxurious dining services with Oyster Bar, newsstands as well as Grand Central School are easily accessible.

GCT is one of the most visited historic monuments with 21.6 million satisfied regular annual visitors. Though being nominated several times, in 2011 it has been configured as the sixth most visited tourist attraction in 2011 by well-known travel magazine Travel + Leisure.

Rotterdam Central Station, Netherlands

Rotterdam Centraal Station Netherlands
Till 2007 Rotterdam was the only city which was unable to provide proper railway services to the passengers in Netherland, all because of the world war II the city didn’t experienced proper government functioning, and today Rotterdam is the only city around the globe with central station comprising of one special island Platform followed by added normal platforms for high speed trains.

Rotterdam Central station is newly built Railway station comprising all themandatory railway services. The station was built by Architect Van Ravensteyn, and with the usage of all the latest technology Ravesteyn has structured one of the best design ever experienced in the history, the shiny boomerang-like canopy which has been made up of stainless steel projection and wood cladding is the center piece capable enough to draw visitors attention within seconds.

Rotterdam Central Railway station being center piece in Netherlands will soon obtain its status tag of “World Station” as it is on the international high-speed railway towards Belgium. It has been restructured several times since its inauguration in 1847. As per the projections the station will be providing services to 320,000 boarding passengers per day in 2025.

Gare Du Nord, Paris

Gare Du Nord Paris
Gare Du Nord is the only railway station which is constructed in the Beaux-Arts Style. The imposing station addressed in Paris is regarded as suitable for the French capital. The statues on the frontage of the station usually personify some of the major European Cities where the trains boarding from the station end up the travel, preferring Paris in the center.

Throughout the daylight, when the sun rays are abundant, flooding in through the arched windows and skylight results bathing of station in light, this is the most beautiful experience for the tourist and regular visitors or passengers boarding through the station. Since its inception in 1864, the Gare Du Nord is one of the busiest railway station with over 190 million passerby’s throughout the year.

The station is connective to several subway lines with international, RER commuter and regional trains. The station has been featured in many movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Oceans twelve and etc. Tourists and visitors will find this station amazing when they will experience some of the best and elegant Haussmannien Architecture, especially in the passages couverts where they will explore shops selling everything from latest fashion to antique prints and designs.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station Malaysia
The station in Malaysia, well known as Kuala Lumpur Railway station was built to replace the older station at the same site which was inaugurated in 1886 and was re-built in 1910, incorporating multiplicity in designing elements defined as Indio-Saracenic or Moorish Mughal. The inimitable combination of variety of styles was meshed by Architect Arthur Benison Hubback and currently it is owned by Keretapi Tanah Melayu.

Milano Centrale, Milan

Milano Centrale Milan
Bein Central station of Itally in Milan, MillanoCentrale was inaugurated on 1st july 1931 and electrified for regular passengers boarding in 1938, the architectural layout was suggested by UlisseStachini, and currently the station is owned by Rete FerroviariaItaliana. The station serves high speed lines to Bologna and Turin.

The station was rebuilt all because the first Milano Centrale station which was officially inaugurated in 1864, was not capable enough to serve the passengers, earlier the station was designed by Louis-Jules Bouchot. Currently the station occupies the frontage of 200 meters wide with an vault of 72 meters high, it was a record when it was built. The station experiences approx. 330,000 passengers on daily basis with total about 120 million annual boarding.

Milano Centrale haven’t been designed with somewhat specific design like other railway stations but the result in the form of central is the blend of variety of styles including liberty and art deco, but still you will explore when you will visit that it is not limited till liberty and art deco.

Southern Cross Melbourne, Australia

Southern Cross Melbourne Australia
It was initially manufactured in 1859, Southern Cross Railway station is the only station serving passengers in Western Australia, redirecting Spencer Street Station. The station comprises of 24 working platforms with 22 tracks for high speed trains. The station was inaugurated on 17th January 1859 and was electrified on the same day itself. Currently it is owned by VicTrack, it has been categorized in the list of premium stations in Australia.

Southern cross Melbourne station being fascinating junction for tourist has been rewarded as the second busiest railway station in Melbourne’s metropolitan network experiencing 16.8 million boarding passengers and visitors throughout the year. The station currently covers 120 levers, and with this it has been nominated as the world’s largest station. Its construction for renovation was started in October 2002 and was completed within a gap of more than 4 years in late 2006. It fulfills all the required luxurious desired for the passengers as well as the tourists.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai, India

ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus Mumbai India
Mumbai is also known as city of dreams in India, and the dream of every individual willing to kick start his/her career starts from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. It is depicted to be one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was formally reckoned as Victoria Terminus. It Features Seamless glorifying beauty of enigmatic architectural blend of Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival with added traditional Indian Mughal styles usually experienced in accordance to rejuvenate the era of Indian British 200 year Period Piece.

The Chhtrapati Shivaji Terminus was inaugurated in 1887. The building of the terminus was designed by Fredrick William Stevens and had been named in honor of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee which took place the same year. Number of renovations have resulted addition of buildings to terminus over the year of its existence to fulfill the passengers services in the best possible way, these buildings were designed to blend in with the stations original design, and this specialty of the terminus initiates the tourist attraction Prior to the entrance towards the city.

The stations name was changed from Victoria Terminus to honor Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1996, who is well reckoned as the founder of the Marath Empire. Currently the station is the busiest in India, serving both long and short distance traveling passengers. The station has been featured in some of the best known booming Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and one of those is Slumdog Millionaire.

But obvious the above provided info’s about some of the best shards around the globe couldn’t contain each and every beautiful station, so it’s a request that if you have some particulars in your mind just feel free to comment it down in the given box we would love to serve you in the best possible way. Thanks a lot for your precious time stay tuned for some added info related services with the help of the link we will be back soon.


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