Privacy Policy

Today when blogging is a kind of profession, and professionals are earning decent pink slips, as well as being reckoned for their niche’s, they usually look forward for the privacy policy for their blogs, the blogs which usually maintains, collects uses and discloses the information collected from the other trustworthy links and wikis enhance and initiate the privacy policies which are applied to the site, and the products as well as services provided by the same link or blog.

On this link you will explore several types of privacy polices considering personal, non-personal, web browser cookie, some collection of information and its protection, advertisement and much more in simplified way. Just have one-by-one look on each and every policy with the help of which you will be able to share the best experience with my amazing and helpful blog posts on

Personal identification information

Whenever users or visitors visit our site we offer a register page on the site, with the help of which we use to collect personal identification information about the visitor, and ones you are registered you are capable to receive updates about all the activities, features, services and the resources that we provide on our site to our registered visitors.

Registering users may be asked few personal details, for example name, email address, mailing address, and phone number etc. ones the user is ready to share these basic information about himself or herself, we keeping in mind the importance of the information provided assure the user about the security of the information provided.

Non- Personal identification

Separating personal identification information we might also collect some non-personal information about the users whenever they interact or pass through our site. This type of identification includes the name of the browser used by the visitor, type of computer used to visit our site, and some added technical information about the visitor i.e. the method of connection with the help of which he was able enough to visit our site link.

How we use the collected information

Infojunction collects the information and uses it for the following purposes, please check the bullets:

  • To personalize the user experience

We might use the collected information to understand our visitors, and the way the use the resources and services provided by us on our site.

  • To Improve our site for better experience

We keep moving on with the information collected and the feedbacks which we receive from you, so that we can also improve our numerals of visitors.

  • To improve customer service

With the help of your information we use to respond your customer service requests and the support which needs to effective.

  • To send periodic emails

The mail id’s provided by the users are used to provide answers to the questions they have shared on the post or by registering on the register page available on the link.

  • How to protect your information

Keeping in mind the importance of the information provided by you or collected by us, we assure that trust which you have on us by securing and protecting your details form any unauthorized access, or let’s say we would be responsible for any disclosure of your personal information, username, password and the data which you have stored on our site.

  • Sharing your personal information

We are neither the buyer nor the seller of any kind of personal information which have been used by you to register on our site, however we might share generic aggregated demographic details, which is never linked to any personal identification of any information shared with us.

  • Advertising

Advertisements displayed on our site might be delivered to our visitors by the advertising partners, who might set cookies. These cookies allow the ad server to reckon your device or computer which has been used to visit our link, to send you an online advertisement to compile non personal identified information about you or the individuals who use your computer. The privacy policy you are going through right now never adheres the usage of cookies by the advertisers.

  • Web Browser cookies

Our link might use cookies to enhance the experience of the users, or visitors. The policy places the cookies on the hard drive for the sole purpose to keep record or sometimes to track the information’s about the user. Visitors might have made some strict changes for the refusal of the usage of cookies, or to alerts which is used by sending cookies, if the setting has been enabled on your desktop we are sorry to say that, it might be possible that our site will not work the way you want it to. So it’s a request that check your settings if you are not able to visit our site.

  • Google AdSense

Some of the adds, on our link may be served by Google. Google usually use the DART cookie which enables it to serve ads to the site visitors based on their visit to our link. DART as per our concern deny’s the usage of personal identification or information about the visitors.

  • Changes on this privacy policy

At you will be updated about any changes made to the privacy policy at any time. Whenever we’ll do that we’ll post a notification on the main page of our site. Therefore we usually encourage our visitors to frequently check this page for any changes which haven’t notified or informed mistakenly, about how are we helping you to protect your personal information which have been collected by us.

  • Your Acceptance

With the usage of this site, you will signify your acceptance of this policy.