Notes to Outlook Migration through Exchange Migration Wizard

Lotus Notes to Outlook Migration

In this article a profound description in regard of Exchange Migration Wizard (MailMig.exe) will be held out. Although the facilities offered by this Migration Wizard has got updated and ameliorated with the release of every MS Exchange edition, but in this segment we will be discussing about 2003 version specifically. Specialty of this migration wizard is that it is capable of migrating database from an extraneous email messaging platforms or even the older versions of Exchange Server to later ones depending upon the edition of Migration Wizard being used.

As far as Exchange 2003 version of Migration Wizard is considered it has improved a lot as compared to its earlier version; Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard.

This wizard is built capable enough to let users migrate successfully from:

  • Novell GroupWise 5.x
  • Migration Files
  • cc:Mail
  • Novell GroupWise 4.x
  • Internet Directory LDAP via ADSI
  • Exchange 5.5
  • Internet Mail IMAP4
  • MS Mail made for the PC Networks
  • As well as Lotus Notes client.

However, in order to migrate client mailbox directly from suppose Exchange 5.5 Server edition to that of Exchange Server 2003 version within an intraorganizational migration, users are required to make use of the wizard named Move Mailbox.

MailMig.exe – Migration Wizard by Exchange

Migration Wizard for mailboxes was first introduced in 2000 version of MS Exchange Server, but as compared to that; its 2003 version is more fascinating as well as much efficient in case the requirement is to move mailbox files from an older version of Exchange to that of Exchange 2003.

Situation Need of Using the Wizard

One can migrate mailbox only through a source server when Exchange to Exchange migration is concerned. And this only possible if source server isn’t a division of the respective Exchange organization like that of the Server that is operating this Migration Wizard.

A brief differentiation between two types of migration i.e. Intraorganizational and Interorganizational.

    • Intraorganizational Migration: Mailbox will get migrated amongst Exchange Server of an INDIVIDUAL Exchange based organizations.
    • Interorganizational Migration: Mailboxes here would get migrated between the Servers of DISTINCT Exchange Server based organizations.

Begin With The Wizard: To start with your Migration Wizard go to Start Menu followed by Microsoft Exchange, then to Deployment and finally select Migration Wizard (MailMig.exe) free utility.

Start Working out Notes to Outlook Migration

Below are the steps to execute migration for acquiring a successful conversion of mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Outlook using Exchange Migration Wizard. Follow the above states beginning procedure to start up Migration Wizard and later refer to rest of the steps.

  • Once this wizard has been started up, select the option “Migrate from Lotus Notes” and click on “Next”.
  • Choose Lotus Notes mailboxes or mailboxes from Domino Server to be migrated.
  • Assign a destination folder as the location for saving all the migrated Notes mailbox data.

Benefits of Executing Notes to Outlook Migration via Migration Wizard

There are certain procedures that are successfully executed by this wizard for executing Notes to PST migration.

  • Embedded Document Link Migration: If there are any document based links embedded within emails, they are convertible successfully either in RTF format attachments, URL based shortcuts, or OLE attachments meant for Outlook.
  • Migration of Group Scheduling: Calendar items and functions of to-do list in Lotus Notes are convertible into MS Outlook via this migration wizard. However, before carrying out the process users are required to accept or reject any of the request pending for meetings.
  • Migration of Email Messages: Emails are the easiest files to be migrated using this wizard. It’s not only ordinary old mails even the messages with attachments can be migrated without posing any issues. However, a point that must be kept in mind is that a message still present in your Outbox – those emails that are scheduled to be sent later – they can be seen in the Sent Items folder once they are available in Outlook.

Although, the wizard is a helpful utility which can easily migrate mailboxes from any outside mailing application to that of Exchange platform including Notes to Outlook migration, but it still comes with certain conditions that should be met successfully before beginning any migration.

  • Exchange Server of either 2000 or 2003 edition must be in use.
  • Size of each Lotus or Domino platform mailbox should be within 1 GB of size limitation.
  • The user must be logged in as an administrator of the network on the target computer which is running the respective Exchange based wizard for migration.
  • Emails in every folder of an individual mailbox for Lotus Notes should consist of 1500 or lesser emails.
  • Access of every non-Exchange servers must be owned by the user like; Domino Server.


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