How to rule the digital age with social media etiquettes?


How much are you aware about the unwritten trending rules for social media etiquette?

For amazed and confused individuals like me, it is like “wait and watch a bit of experimentation”, and tons of trial resulting errors. With my first social media profile on popular social media site, I was just aware about the basic rules and intuitions.

Today still I feel like that I am not aware about all the rules of social media etiquette to be followed to stay away from public betrayal. It’s really hard to stay aware about the most basic rules and intuitions.

People like me are confused, because they aren’t aware about the existing rules and real etiquette, which are somewhat fine to be followed or broken.

Here, I would like to focus on some basic but effective rules and etiquette to be followed so that people like me who are unable or finding it tough to survive in social media environment can go forth and share their views confidently.

Common rules for all social media sites

Common social media both Real and Breakable rules can be distinguished as per your social media wants. Trustworthy tweets and researches in practical manner have shown that if you burst out of moments, you flood your followers and friend’s timelines with several updates back-to-back.

Significantly you aren’t aware that you are bothering your friends and followers at the same time, this results “Clicks on the available options like Unfriend or un-follow”. You might find this behavior offensive and panicking once you check your social media profile friends and followers list.

To combat this situation, you should schedule your social media posts.Lend some time to your last status update so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated by your friends and followers.

Try responding comments as quickly as possible

Late response in the form of comments as well as messages in social media cum digital world are considered as insult as per your friends and followers, it just shows that how much interested you actually are being in between the people of your race and type.

As soon as you respond, you will be considered as interested individual and probably will be loved by your folks.

As per the trustworthy social media surveys and helpful study done by the researchers we have come to know that, at least more than half segment of population using social media site like twitter tweet at a brand expectancy of response within 60 minutes of time period.

Twitter being one of the most real-time approaches of the social media networks in this digital age gives importance to judicious responses; they consider it as an imperative and encourage-able everywhere else.

Hashtag is an art it is important to know its importance in Digital age

One hashtag is more than enough than ten hashtags, it just populates the mindsets with several inappropriate thought about you and your update. As per the recommendations 1-3 hashtags per post, across any social media platforms is more than enough. Check the standard number of hashtags you can include in your post while posting it on popular social media sites.

  • Facebook – Hashtags might decrease engagement.
  • Twitter – 2 Hashtags will do the due
  • Pinterest – “Hashtags” have never been recommended
  • Instagram – this is the place you can flood your post with hashtags but not more than 11 hashtags will gain most engagement.

Don’t sell yourself, priorities popular 80/20 rule, Try to entertain and inform your audience

Categorize your social media status updates in ratios you may think it’s worth sharing. The 4-1-1 rule, the golden ratio, the rule of thirds, etc. should be considered. These ratios have one thing in common which is effective that is it emphasizes on sharing other’s content more than your own content.

For majority of social media literates, this will be a great strategy. But you will still experience negative impact on engagement.

Usage of first person as plural while talking about your brand i.e (We, Us)

One of the most important rule to be followed, while representing your company on social media site, considering first person as plural is one of the best way to let him/her know the importance of his/her time he/she is spending. While talking about your personal brand, first-person you can notify as (I, Me) singular, this would be considered more natural.


Above were some effective social media etiquette to be considered important by every individual having social media profile. This will help you to stay away from violating social media ethics and gestures. You will be considered as a respectful ideal social media literate.

Try these etiquette in the form of rules these rules will definitely help you like these have helped me!!

Share more if you are aware!!


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