How to manage internet browsing hours?

How to manage internet browsing hours

Time and tide wait for none; the quote is meaningful for the ones, who are ready to surrender their comforts and pleasures to achieve their desired goals.

Internet also known as new media, since its inception it has been considered as one of the most popular and easiest medium to access information related to anything people want to know about. Nowadays to grab information to assemble a bomb or to deliver a baby is just some clicks away.

More than required time spent online is resulting harmful addiction of internet, which is becoming common concern of the affected individuals of the century day by day.

People today are so much conservative and mature by their thoughts and nature, that they are well aware about the importance of the time and about each and every helpful tips and tricks to stay away from any kind of addiction, but they are becoming bewildered and inconsiderate because of “Virtual Fascinations”, reason being easy access to the sites promoting bizarre.

This inconsiderate attitude and internet addiction of young generation, is taking away that ware withal and time from the capable individuals to do something better for their own good self.

Today majority of human beings on earth having easy access to the internet are living in a boundary, which is becoming more complex and suffocative to survive day by day. It carries all the required tools and ingredients to distract individuals from their goals and purposes because it provides more than required comfort to the pleasure seekers, which is becoming harmful for the intellectuals.

For an example, people who regularly access popular social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, are usually found engaged and considerate, in stalking their friends and family members, because today it is easy to track the behavior of particular individual in your contact with the help of status updates, following some social media etiquettes and being aware of technically biased social media rules.

People are actually becoming stalkers, today majority of students aren’t aware about their subjects taught in schools and colleges, but you will find them knowledgeable personalities whenever you discuss about the tips and tricks to stalk people with the help of social media sites.

Unfortunately, majority of Folks are literally losing important part of their day, week and month stalking their loved ones and that loss of time is somewhere forcing them to experience affected academic performance of both school and college going students as well as Professionals who are working in MNC’s are unable to prove themselves as result oriented individuals.

Experiencing the same and analyzing the future of y-generation with the help of trustworthy surveys, it is now becoming a responsibility of experienced segment of our society to educate people by sharing posts like “How to manage internet browsing hours?”

Being the part of same society it’s our responsibility to take an informative step towards bright future of young generation, so here are some points to be considered important to stay away from harmful addiction of internet.

Please read these points with a paper and pen in hand you might find some points worth to be noted down.

1. Prioritize your Schedule – prepare list of goals to be achieved for the day
Prepare a list of “Work to done” a day prior, prioritize your work as “goals to achieve for the day” by numbering it as 1…2…3…. Follow the list, tick the goal achieved ones it is done. This will help you to be more confident and happy throughout your day and will help you to focus more on the list or goals yet to be achieved. Take proper social media breaks of 15 minutes after every three hours of working, switch of the chat so that your friends don’t find you free and juggling online.

2. Manage tasks to be done first
Replying mails and messages on social media sites is against work ethics, so what you can do is, you can choose happy hours for that, this will help you to reply mails in proper way and get in touch with your family and friends with the help of social media sites. Happy hours are the time when you get free from all your work for the day or you are on your way to office. These happy hours will never affect you in any possible way.

3. Instead of internet surfing choose music to refresh your mind
Irony of 21st century is that people get bored very fast because they have easy access to “virtual fascinators” which help them to stay away from boredom. People usually choose YouTube or several other social media sites to revitalize themselves, this results wastage of active hours of the day and the left over task for the day is piled up for “Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow never comes”.
So to stay away from piled up task, choose soft music instead of internet surfing. This will save your active hours and will also refresh your mind as well as enhance the proper circulation of “feel good” hormones in your body.

4. Save helpful or interesting articles for later
Use tools like ever note and sticky notes to save links which you consider important or interesting to read while internet surfing.
Don’t read it in your active hours you will regret at the end of the day with a question “Why the hell I am unable to achieve what I want to achieve?” because You will never consider reading as a wastage of time, but somewhere if you are reading web links in active hours or accessing informational or inspirational videos on YouTube you are wasting your important time considering posts and videos good for your overall development.
Try to understand that people who usually update these interesting or helpful articles and post motivational videos on YouTube are “Human Beings” like us not god, they are there on YouTube or on Google selling themselves because they haven’t wasted time watching videos or reading blogs. “They just want you to waste time and never ever achieve what they have achieved” because every individual on earth knows Do’s and Don’ts so it’s wastage of time watching or reading inspirational videos and posts in active hours.

5. Unplug Internet while working
If you are unable to follow the above points, just unplug the internet in your active hours, if you don’t need internet access to work. Second option is that ask your Wi-Fi service provider to teach you how to restrict access to social media as well as distracting sites. This will help you to focus on your work and will let you to stay away from internet addiction.

Share your experience after implementing these points with the help of comment box provided below. You can also share your personal methods to help others to stay away from internet addiction.


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