How to Claim Smartphone Insurance Instantly?

smartphone insurance

Irony is “Today we are being used by technology and owned by our smartphones”, as most of the time it has been experienced that, since the launch of smartphones, like the one expensive for me “the iPhone” becomes more important than life.
Once you lose it or by chance it gets physically damaged, people usually forget to even gulp the saliva in their guts or to breath and start behaving like they are going to lose their soul within micro seconds, majority of times the victim becomes so much anxious about his/her gadget that whenever it breaks they literally get mini heart attacks and faint as if they are no more!!Actually I did that one’s…
So, analyzing these life taking situations, we have come to an conclusion and that is, your little gadget in hand has all the capability to take life out of our body, and to stay away from any type of life taking situation we pay hefty amount to the insurance firm so that whenever we stuck in such situations we get our handset back again or the legitimate payment to buy another one.
But it has been also experienced that we usually feel demoralized and distressed when it comes to fulfill the required documents asked by the insurance companies, the officials of the insurance companies are employed to ensure that the claimer gets de-motivated with the legal process and never comes back to claim the insurance for his phone.
For the same we hereby would like to help you with some answers for the common questions running in your mind and let you know the proper way to get your claim without any issues.

Types of mobile devices authorized for coverage?
It is not specifically defined by the insurance companies, as it depends on the features of your wireless service provider’s program. For an example, typical devices covered are as follows:
• Feature devices
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Fablets
• Notebooks
• Netbooks
• Laptop connect cards
• Wi-Fi enabled devices
• Data Cards

How can I Enroll my smartphone or any other device under insurance coverage?
To enroll, you can search online smartphone insurance providers, and see eligibility criteria on their official websites, call them and discuss about your needs which you want to be fulfilled and if they are ready pay them for the insurance. One criterion which you should keep in mind before applying for insurance is that, your smartphone or any other device shouldn’t be more than 30 days old or an upgraded device.

If I would file a claim for my phone, is there any specific time period I will have to wait?
Just after fulfilling the required documents by the insurance company, you will have to wait for a day or two for the verification after verification you will be asked if you want the negotiated amount to paid or another phone, once done you will get what you exactly asked for.

Why should I pay a deductible amount to file a claim for my lost phone?
Some insurance programs of popular insurance companies ask you pay the deductible amount at the time you ask for claim to provide you the same model and make of the phone you have lost. It is the nominal amount which you should pay to get the same phone if it has been lost after 30 days of insurance, but if it has been lost within 30 days you don’t have to pay that amount as per the insurance norms.

When I will get the replaced phone?
Most of the replacement devices are shipped next business day of the approval of your claim. Check if your insurance provider has specific information reserved for the time period you will get the replacement.

When will be in need to pay the deductible amount for my insured handset?
Once your claim is approved and your replacement has been shipped out, then you can pay via multiple paymentmodes.

What replacement phone will I receive?
Well, insurance company do try to replace the device with the same you have lost, however, some models might not be manufactured by the company, so in that situation you might get another phone with different specifications available at the time within the amount claimed by you for your lost phone.
• As per the availability of the, you might receive the same device you have lost.
• Claims might be fulfilled with a new one or sometimes re-manufactured replacement device
• Device model, brand, color and feature might not be the same and compatible accessory is not guaranteed.

How can I file a Claim for my phone?
To file a claim, your first step should be to be in touch with the company’s concern official as soon as possible, via mail, or through any other communication method. Be sure to have all the details of your device available with invoice, and have a an available method to transfer or get payment, if you would have to pay the deductible on hand or receive the claimed amount from the company. Ones you fulfill the required documents by the company and your claim is clear, you will get an confirmatory mail from the insurance company with tracking ID and shipment information about the replaced device.

What information will I need at the time of insurance claim?
While applying for the claim, you will have to provide each and every detail about your device which have been damaged by mistake of lost, a copy of FIR lodged in case you have lost your mobile, and invoice as well as an affidavit stating important details about your phone as a proof that it was yours, and confirmation of SIM blockage of the network provider signed and sealed by any chair holder of the company.

Why insurance company needs affidavit and why I need to fill that to file my claim?
Affidavit is a form which allows you to provide additional information required while processing your claim, and it works as a proof that the lost phone was yours. It is also used to prevent possible fraudulent activities on your account and assure that you will be the only authorized user of your account who will be able to file a claim.

Within how many days I should file an insurance claim for my mobile?
Witching 60 days you lose it, but check if the company has some other paradigms to be followed.

How long it takes to process my claim?
It takes ten minutes to claim your insurance if you have specified documents stated above, however 2-3 days by the company to verify the documents provided by you and once it is approved you will get confirmation from the insurance company via mail or call.

Is there any limitation on how many times I can claim in a specific time period?
Yes, legally you have only 12 months within which you can at least claim two times. Some times more if your company allows.


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