7 Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks You Need to Know


Fidgets have literally taken over the world; let’s hope fidgets were not planted by aliens to take over the world, because in that scenario we are doomed. There isn’t a country or city in the world where these fun toys aren’t selling like hot cakes. There are umpteen varieties of fidgets available in.

The most common spinners have two or three bearings, and are 3D printed. Wooden ones look classy & are long lasting. The metal one is the best quality with a few spinning for 5 minutes in one go.

Internet is flooded with videos of people trying various fun tricks with fidgets; here are a few for you to give a try.

1. Let’s start with a simple one, hold your fidget spinner between your thumb and index finger and spin it now slowly remove your thumb. Let the fidget spin on your index finger.

2. Take two or more similar shaped fidgets of different color. Keep one on a flat surface and spin it. As it’s spinning, keep another spinner over the first one carefully and spin it. Watch two fidgets creating interesting colors. See how many you can stack one over the other.

3. Spin the fidget in one hand holding it between your thumb and index finger. As the fidget is spinning sturdily, toss it in the air and catch it with the thumb and index finger of your opposite hand without letting the spinner stop. When trying for the first time, make sure the spinner doesn’t fall on hard surface when it falls.

4. Once you excelled flipping spinning fidget from one hand to next. Try shifting from one finger to another. Challenge yourself to pass it through all the fingers before it stop.

5. Be careful while performing this one. Spin your fidget between your finger n thumb, now carefully place the spinning fidget on your nose. It will keep spinning on you nose. As a slight variation, try placing the spinning fidget on your forehead. There are chances of getting injured while attempting these tricks, so be cautious.

6. Remove the caps at the center off the fidget. Insert a pen or pencil in the hold, make sure it fits properly. Now spin it and watch the fidget balance on the tip of pencil. As long as it spins around at speed that long the pen/pencil will stay upright. It won’t fall over even if you try.

7. Tie a thin string around the caps of the fidget, so that it suspends on the string. Now spin the fidget and let it swing on the thread.

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