11 Proven Methods to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Methods to Make Perfume Last Longer

History never changes and you would be amazed to know that tradition of applying perfume to stay away from bad body odor was first experienced in 4000 B.C. the art of mixing aromas is the gift of ancient Babylon circa 4000 B.C to 21st century, from then and now the recipe of mixing colognes and generating perfume has become more simpler, all because today the aroma’s and colognes has been swapped with Fragrance-bearing oils, known as essential oils, which are dissolved in some another substance to generate perfumes. These oils were extracted from herbs and spices and also from tree resin such as myrrh and frankincense.

The current scenarios might be complemented by laboratory-born inventions and are being dissolved in ethyl alcohol also known as ethanol to achieve the desired fragrance, and as we all known that science has made perfumes wide-ranging, you can’t point out the any fragrance which you desire and is not available around the globe, but the price might make them seem like royal luxury.

Just check out some helpful tips for long lasting perfume fragrance on your body:

1. Application of Perfume Before Dressing is effective always

If you don’t know then it would be helpful for you to know that perfume is activated by chemical reactions and heat. Your perfume is more effective when it comes in contact with your body than your clothing.
In fact you would be amazed to know that the chemicals and oil with addition of alcohol in recipe for the desired fragrance of the perfume usually damages and stains your fabrics. Your fabrics which you usually carry on yourself may bleed and fade, because alcohol evaporates within few minutes of application.

So for sure avoiding direct contact to the fabric would minimize the problem of fading and dye bleeding of your fabric and applying the scented liquid directly on your body will definitely help your perfume to perform well both with the change in fragrances as well as with long lasting time period all because of that natural heat generated by your body with added essence of sweet would perform some chemical reactions and will result long lasting fragrance of your expensive perfume.

2. Consider right body parts for the application

The pulse points are well reckoned below our ear lobes, on our temples and at the base of our throat.
These points are the places on our body where we can easily experience our heart rate with the help of the blood vessels lying close to our skin somewhere. Our Blood is warm, and the warmth of our blood would easily target our prime points known as pulse points where we can easily apply our perfume. The pulse points are factually found from head to foot of our body.

The most strategic pulse points which are usually best for the perfume application are located just below our ear lobe, inside the wrist and elbow, base of our throat, and behind our knee. Just choose the best and apply your perfume and experience the long lasting desired fragrance.

3. Select perfumes with heavy Base Notes

To judge Perfumery parlance for a scent a note is the best you can look for. If you are aware about the musical notes, it would be easy for you to take a detailed look over a perfume you are willing to buy, all because assumingly perfumers generally use the notes similar to musical notes. They usually consider building and layering perfumes for complete pleasing effects.

The top head notes, you can also depict it as the top notes are the first to greet your nose, because the usually smell fresh, slightly sweet and fruity. These notes generally evaporate first, so you would examine their impact as fleeting. Some special notes disappear after 10 minutes of halt. Some of the best notes are Lemon, melon, berry and apple, which are popular as head notes, with added occasional fragrance of “Sea breeze” or “Ocean air.”

The top notes are not admired all because of their durability, whereas middle notes also known as heart notes are rich and long lasting. These middle notes generally embrace pleasant pungent herbs and spices like nutmeg, cardamom and rosemary as well as the hardier floral such as jasmine and gardenia. Middle notes are centrally staged for more than one hour durability.

After keeping a track on middle notes lets know something about the base which is proven and reckoned as long lasting, these notes are dramatic and longest-lasting. They generally carry the fragrance for more than four hours. Cedar, musk and pine are the best available examples of base notes these notes are also known as woodsy.

Majority of perfumes embrace all the three notes, but most of them prefer the lower end of the spectrum, check for the best one for yourself easy way would be to Google it.

4. Match the Application with concentration

Aromatic liquids can be well reckoned as cologne, perfume, eau de toilette and several others amongst the “Naming”. These aliases sound exotic all because they have been thought up by the professional advertisers.

The names suggested for these Scented liquids to be applied indicate the ratio of essential oils to alcohol as well as the concentration which helps us to differentiate between the fragrances according to their durability.

Perfumes having varieties of concentrations helps us to match the form we are in need of. We can easily refresh a perfume for an hour or so by just layering it with its eau de parfum version.

While deciding the perfume to be owned or applied, do remember that a fragrance concentration is completely diverse from its heaviness or lightness. A perfume prepared mostly of citrus and light noted might need touching up sooner.

5. Seasonal taste matters

The Temperature of your environment affects the durability of perfume applied. Generally as we have included above also that heat energizes the chemical reaction which is essential for the fragrance to be released. in summers you will have to consider lighter application or most probably less concentrated form of perfume of whatever brand or scented liquid you apply.

And at the same time heat also speeds up the evaporation. If you go with lighter ones you will need to reapply them again most probably in warm weather all because of their low concentrations.

You can apply the reverse principle for winters, as per the experts the chemical reactions usually are more sluggish at time of winters. The fragrances applied by you emanate gradually with less intensity.

6. Measure the application Amount for your Skin Type

Judge out the skin type you are, you should consider your skin type before deciding to buy a perfume for your self, there are basically three types of skins which are generally preferred while preparing scented liquids they are – oily, dry or normal. Whenever you will go to buy a perfume for yourself just check out the information provided by the brand on the bottle, a perfume with alcohol base evaporates swiftly on dry skin than on oily. Having an oily skin for the application of perfume is an added advantage for the ones who generally consider it as a problem. Oily skin helps the concentration of the perfume to last longer on the skin.

If you have dry skin just use a body moisturizer before applying any kind of scented liquid to have long lasting fragrance experience. And for normal you can just go normally and choose the best and enjoy the application.

7. Layers of Fragrance to be applied

Usage of several different products comprising same fragrance to sustain the scent throughout the day is known as layering. The beauty of the layering done by you lets you vary the concentration of the fragrances you usually apply according to the situation you are in, if you will consider a sort of experimentation, you will find combination which gets you noticed but never overwhelm anyone or experience the wastage of perfume.

8. Change the cologne as per the change in the skin Chemistry

Number of factors can easily trigger a minor change in your body chemistry, which can also easily alter the chemical environment of your body. That would result types of effects on your skin, just try to check out the response of your skin whenever you apply your favorite perfume, unique is your body chemistry, so try to trigger the factors and their effects which usually vary from person to person. Body sweat can impact you skin chemistry, heat related sweat results deposited salt and other minerals on your skin. The same process can also change the body’s natural odor, most probably not for better.

9. Trust nothing but your Nose

You should be aware that a fragrance is not just meant to announce that you are coming but is meant to announce your availability. Just let you nose judge the best fragrance for you, which would help you to impress the available stockers in the stock. Before believing your noses just check if you are not affected with sinus infection all because that can result un-assumed situations.

10.Spray some perfume on the hairbrush

This is the instant and effective way to experience long lasting fragrance of your perfume, spray some perfume on your hair brush and run it through your hairs, this tip is basically for ladies with long hairs, if you have long hairs then the fragrance of your perfume will be liberated whenever you walk past through someone.

11. Proper storage of perfume should be considered in the same list

Heat and light are the reason for the degradation of your perfume, because of which you generally experience the change in amount before opening the bottle. Keep your perfume comfortably at cool and dry conditions, away from the heat and beware of the humid air before deciding the exact place to keep the bottle. Best is to keep it in a refrigerator if you have one.


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