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7 Cool Fidget Spinner Tricks You Need to Know

Fidgets have literally taken over the world; let’s hope fidgets were not planted by aliens to take over the world, because in that scenario we are doomed. There isn’t a country or city in the world where these fun toys aren’t selling like hot cakes. There are umpteen varieties of fidgets available in.

The most common spinners have two or three […]

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Accessories for Men – Stylish Necessities

Louis Vuitton is a brand that needs no introduction. The brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and its designs are instantly recognizable. Women across the world hold the brand in high prestige and while the brand has many items that cater to its female audience, the men sometimes feel left out.

Here are some fashion accessories for men from Louis Vuitton:
Louis […]

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How to rule the digital age with social media etiquettes?

How much are you aware about the unwritten trending rules for social media etiquette?

For amazed and confused individuals like me, it is like “wait and watch a bit of experimentation”, and tons of trial resulting errors. With my first social media profile on popular social media site, I was just aware about the basic rules and intuitions.

Today still I feel […]

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Notes to Outlook Migration through Exchange Migration Wizard

In this article a profound description in regard of Exchange Migration Wizard (MailMig.exe) will be held out. Although the facilities offered by this Migration Wizard has got updated and ameliorated with the release of every MS Exchange edition, but in this segment we will be discussing about 2003 version specifically. Specialty of this migration wizard is that it is capable […]

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11 Proven Methods to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

History never changes and you would be amazed to know that tradition of applying perfume to stay away from bad body odor was first experienced in 4000 B.C. the art of mixing aromas is the gift of ancient Babylon circa 4000 B.C to 21st century, from then and now the recipe of mixing colognes and generating perfume has become more […]

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Smashing entry of Android 5.0 has assumingly kept trustworthy program examiners amazed all because the latest smartphone operating system named Lollipop launched by Google after years of battle is remarkably similar to Apples iPhone OS (iOS8).
Statistics as per the similarities

As per the information revealed by the trusted tweets, it is said that the giant Google is pushing visual language which […]

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